Thursday, March 13, 2014

Journal 52- Week 2

I have really been enjoying all the work that the people have been sharing on the Project52 board.  It has been good to get back to my artistic roots.  I have loved my years scrapbooking but it has been fun to do some other art work.

So here are a few of the art journal pages I have done over the last 2.5 months.  I still have 2 to catch up on because I am not feeling inspired by them yet (and life was a little busy those couple of weeks.) Excuse the bad cell phone pics...they are all shot at around midnight when I complete the project so lighting is awful!

This was was for Abstract Art.  I used a craft knife and acrylic paint with some texture paste under it on on canvas paper.  Was the first time ever doing this and I think that I like it...

This one caused me much stress.  I have not painted in many years so when I made the choice to watercolor for this challenge I wanted to pull out my hair because it was more difficult that I remember!  But in the end I was happy with the result.  Not professional quality, but one that makes me wish I was at that wishing well.

I am obsessed with Frozen so when the challenge was about Character, that is what I jumped to.  A quick sketch inspiration taken from another artist on the internet.  Just ink and some pencil crayon.

And this weeks challenge was Art for a Cause and my heart is heavy for Human Slavery and Trafficking.  There is an organization called End It that I took inspiration from but instead of the x on my hand, I put it across my page.  Photos are taken from the internet so I have no legal rights there, it was simply a personal art piece to speak against sex trafficking.

So there is a glimpse at some of my art journal pieces.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired to be creative yourself!

A couple of layouts

So my blogging once a week has been kind of a fail, but here are a couple of other layouts that I have been working on.

 I LOVE THIS PAGE!  It is just white cardstock and washi tape but it has such punch and focus on the quirmy worm that is my niece who does not look at the camera.  But I love this pic anyway.  I made the feathers by covering the wire with washi tape and then fringing the sides.  I dyed the seam binding ribbon with the same dye ink as the Heidi Swapp star stamps by pressing the stamp pad into the craft mat and adding a little water then smooshing the ribbon into the color.  Now I can have perfectly matched ribbon!  The tiny star glitter is actually clearance nail glitter from Claires.  I got a whole container for 1.00 and it will last me forever.  I love what it adds to pages (I have used it on soooo many pages recently because I love it.  Look for more of it on my pages being published in Canadian Scrapbooker magazine in the summer).  I would even love to frame this page for my wall that is how much I love this page and this little girl!!

This page is a show of my humor and lack of humility!  One day at work I may have had an "Incident" that has never happened before.  I shared the experience with my coworker (and had her laughing til tears were running down her face) and recently she sent me this pin on pinterest.  I just knew I had to use it to document this story.  I was inspired my Wilna Furstenburg from TwoPeasInABucket where she used rub ons and watercolor.  While I loved the way it looked, I also thought it was appropriate and fit the incident.  There is hidden journalling only because it didnt all fit in the corner.  The rubons are really old ones and for some reason I hoard rub ons so I like Wilna's idea of using them all on one page.  I didnt use them all from this sheet, but I definitely put a dent in it!

Hope that these can be inspiring in some way.  I will try to keep adding some new moments and layouts as I can.  Life seems to be so fast paced that I may not get as much posted as I would like.